Effective protection and recovery products are essential, even if you never have to use them. Here are some of my favorites from Terrain Master.

***NOTE***The Hi-Lift Jack Adapters are now shipped in a silver finish***

Hi-Lift Jack Adapter - attaches to your Hi-Lift Jack and fits into all Defender factory jacking points and any Discovery 1 or Range Rover Classics fitted with Jack Points. Solid rod is 1-3/16" diameter and 5-1/2" long.  $89 

Click here for a detailed review of the Jack Adapter


Swing-away Snatch Block, CE approved galvanized steel rated at 16,000lbs.  $49


8 Meter (26') Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope (KERR), 12 ton rating, 24mm (1") multi-stranded and braided nylon with loop ends. Features Cordura abrasion protection on the loop ends.  $119


Bow Shackles 3/4" pin, rated at 4.75 tons and CE approved, for ropes, straps and snatch blocks. These are high quality tested and rated shackles.  $13 ea.


2 Meter (80") Extra Heavy Duty Rope Bridle, 12 ton rating, 24mm (1") multi-stranded Nylon with loop ends. Now with Cordura abrasion protection on the loop ends.  $59


A Camel Trophy favorite, Master Rings are used to join straps or ropes together or to attach to a ground anchor. 

4-1/2" X 6-3/4" X 5/8" thick tough steel master ring.  $22 ea.